The aim of this tutorial is to present one major writer in English literature, namely, Oscar Wilde. First, we start by presenting his biography and the era in which he lived and wrote, then you are asked to read and analyze his short story The Happy Prince.

Find in these slides the literary devices we dealt with last time. Make your own, make an example of each of them.

First reading comprehension of Eveline by James Joyce

 This lesson will review the elements of fiction: setting, character, plot, conflict, point of view, and theme

This is  copy of the vocabulary book that we shall be using in parallel with the course of written expression. Please read the units we mentioned in class concerning description of people and places.

First encounter and reading of the third literary text in the syllabus which is Eveline by James Joyce. Students read and fill in a reading log by answering some questions

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-مدخل تمهيدي عن العلوم و الإنسانية والإجتماعية

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